Sarah was born in New Jersey and raised in Pennsylvania. She studied math and physics in college. She was a member of multiple clubs, such as Allies (LGBTQIA+ rights), Feminist Club, and her sorority, of which she was vice president and held various chair positions. She also volunteered at an animal hospital and campaigned for Barack Obama. After earning two bachelor's degrees and graduating magna cum laude, Sarah moved to New York to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she earned an associate degree in acting.   

    In 2016, Sarah's childhood home was foreclosed on by the bank. Despite working their whole lives, and her father making an excellent salary, her parents were still unable to keep up with the steep mortgage payments. They decided they would move to Oregon that August. Because of her close relationship with her parents, Sarah would join them. A month before the move, Sarah and her family still didn't know where they were going to live. Thankfully, not a moment too soon, an affordable deal appeared in Salem, Oregon, where she currently resides with her parents and partner. 

    Sarah works as a brand ambassador for a publishing company while still pursuing art, game design, and acting. During the summer, she can be found  onstage at the Enchanted Forest's children's theatre. She frequently donates proceeds from her art to Salem Friends of Felines and Trans Lifeline.   

    Sarah is most passionate about human rights, the environment, and economic equality. She wants to level the economic playing field so that hardworking Oregonians like her parents are able to earn a living wage and save for the future.